CLIP: Film Festival Grant Proposal Excerpt

by Yvonne M. Jones

(Previously cleared, don’t worry) excerpt from a Philadelphia Film Festival 2004 grant proposal to a Pennsylvania-based arts foundation:

Woman at Typewriter GraphicThe would-be Philadelphia Film Festival patron wasn’t happy. He hadn’t purchased advance tickets to The Story of the Weeping Camel in the weeks preceding the screening he and his foster brother were “dying” to see, and now it was sold out.

“Are you honestly telling me that a film about a Mongolian family and a camel has been sold out for over a week?! How is that possible?”

The Philadelphia Film Society’s (PFS) annual Philadelphia Film Festival (PFF) event inspires some variation on this sentiment each spring, exciting the passions of community members who–despite the fact that this year’s festival attendance reached an all-time high of 61,000 patrons–still feel as if the event was uniquely tailored to their individual desires.

We consider this a compliment. Like any arts organization, PFS values sustainable growth as long as it is not at the expense of losing an intimate connection with its audience. As we approach the 14th Philadelphia Film Festival in the spring of 2005, we’re confident that we are fulfilling our mission to use contemporary, historical, and culturally diverse media exhibition to foster community and enrich multiple audiences.