# Natasha Made Me Do It, 70 Is the New 70, Guilty Beat

OK, but just because you asked. (Bartram’s Garden 56th Street entrance)

Hey, y’all!

It’s the end of another week during #unprecedentedtimes, and here’s hoping you didn’t work nearly as hard as the letter O in HBO Max’s Mare of Easttown. Here are a few chill things flitting around me like a magpie:

1. I don’t love its tagline, but am otherwise smitten with the premise of 70 Over 70, a lively new podcast for people who start grinding their teeth every time a breathless new 30 Under 30 or 40 Under 40 list is unleashed.

2. What’s playing in my headphones every time a police officer kills an unarmed citizen, just as a treat….

3. I’m forcing myself to be on camera for stand-up, etc. these days — Natasha made me do it — and how did I not know my eyes were so damn big, veritable saucers? It’s giving me urban Keane doll.

4. One of my favorite new Instagram follows is IUsedToBeACurtain, which is Honolulu-based newbie sewist Nancy G C B’s account of her glorious upcycling adventures. The ‘mystical forest’ Harmon Tee haunts my daydreams like a stylish and carefree ghost.

5. I recently reduced the amount of time I spend on Twitter to ‘Is this thing on?’ levels, and it’s as rewarding as comedian Sara Schaefer suggested way back when. It’s weird to be revisiting my relationship(s) with social media just as I’m gearing up to burst into the world like a comet, and Amelia Hruby’s 100 Ways to Share Your Work + Life That Aren’t Social Media is a big part of my pivot.

6. More plants?? More plants.

7. My friend Lynn sent me a Rancho Gordo gift box back in March and I made this Creamy Mushroom and Black Beluga Lentil Stew recipe in a bid to make something unusually delicious. Three times. I’ve made it three times since then, and am going for number four tonight. It’s just that damned good. Take out the mushrooms for the confirmed fungi haters in your life and it’s still the bomb dot com.

8. “I’m ready for a place where black thriving is by design.” Girl, me too.

9. Leave it to me to replace my broken quarantine ukulele love with a completely different kind of ukulele that requires starting from scratch. (Damn it, Fender Play.) Thankfully for your newbie baritone ukulele girl, Bernadette Teaches Music on YouTube.

10. I’m reading: Luster by Raven Leilani. We Should All Be Millionaires by Rachel Rodgers. Dream First, Details Later by Ellen Bennett. All in print because my eyes are so over screens.

11. Therapist: So how are you — Me: This. I want to talk about this.

What are you up to, boo?


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